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Boundless Sky – A Sky Tour

‘Boundless Sky – A Sky Tour’ is a program jointly carried out by the Tamilnadu Science Forum (TNSF) and Samatvam Trust. This 6-month program estimated to cover 38 districts of Tamilnadu was designed to take Astronomy to the students of schools and colleges and also to the general public. Telescopes were provided by Samatvam Trust and training and field level programs were carried out by the volunteers of TNSF.

The program was executed in two phases. In phase one, training was imparted to the state/district resource persons. In the second phase the telescopes were taken to the different districts to spread the knowledge of Astronomy to students and the common people. The program was carried out at 170 centres all over Tamilnadu. Nearly 35,000 persons took part in the program and learned about astronomy. The program is still in progress and it is hoped to reach more than 1,00,000 persons in the remaining four months.

Both students and their teachers took part in the program. The expectation is that the teachers will take the message to their students, inculcate a sense of inquiry among them and dispel myths not only in astronomy but in all walks of life.