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Feed a Child, Nurture the Future

Antyodoy Anath Ashram, situated at Paunsi, Midnapore district, West Bengal founded by Balram Jhakar, rehabilitates destitute children and provides them with food, shelter, clothing, medical attention, education and vocational training. Till date Antyodoy Ashram has provided shelter and education for about 1000 or more children.

While the primary objective of the Ashram is to give shelter to the orphans and the destitute, facilitate their education and help them to get employment, Antyodoy Anath Ashram has also initiated other philanthropic activities in the area. Setting up a primary school, a crèche, a charitable dispensary, and an old age home are some of the ventures undertaken by Antyodoy Anath Ashram.

In continuance with the support given to the Ashram the last financial year, Samatvam Trust has committed to contribute Rs 50,000 per month for 12 months to Antyodoy Anath Ashram, to meet the nutrition needs of the children.