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Health and Technical Education support in Noida

Mohan Singh Memorial School in Sector 45, Noida caters to students up to the 8th standard and currently has an enrolment of 550 students. Students enrolled are mostly from families facing socio-economic challenges, where many parents are illiterate or semi-literate, engaged in occupations such as domestic service, rickshaw-pulling, street vending, plumbing, and carpentry. Due to their financial constraints, these families often struggle to pay school fees.

Samatvam Trust has provided two desktop computers to this school which will help these students to gain technical education.

A health and hygiene camp for women was organised in Sector-45, Noida with the primary goal of enhancing women’s overall well-being within the community. Our focus was on addressing the health and hygiene needs of women, with a special emphasis on promoting awareness about menstruation. Dr. Shilpi Rawat Verma, a distinguished Health Administrator and Coordinator, conducted an educational session and equipped the participants with essential information about maintaining proper hygiene, using sanitary products, and understanding the importance of menstrual health and hygiene. The camp served as a platform for open discussions, allowing women to freely share their experiences, ask questions, and dispel myths surrounding menstruation. As part of our outreach, Samatvam Trust distributed kits containing sanitary napkins and health supplements to 30 women from marginalized groups.