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Providing lifespan services to individuals with special needs

V-Excel Educational Trust is a registered Public Charitable Trust, based in Chennai. The organization’s objectives are to provide lifespan services, education, resources and opportunities for social inclusion to individuals with special needs. Besides the 4 centers in Chennai, V-Excel also has footprints in Nashik and Solapur (in Maharashtra) and in Erode, Pollachi, Srirangam, and Tirunelveli (in Tamil Nadu).

The beneficiaries of their programs and services are individuals with special needs (also known as PwD – Persons with Disability) – especially those on the autism spectrum and those with mild to moderate intellectual deficits and cognitive disabilities.

The primary aim is to achieve the promotion of social inclusion through the development of equal opportunities and resources between people with and without disabilities. An allied benefit is fostering the peace of mind of families of people with special needs or disabilities, by means of new support mechanisms and facilitating independent living.

V-Excel provides an umbrella of vital services that are essential for any child with special needs. These cover everything from early intervention, schooling, counselling, therapies, vocational training, placements and promoting independent living skills. There is an inherent recognition that one size doesn’t fit all and all programs are designed and tailored keeping in mind the individual’s abilities.

The programs offered by V-Excel Educational Trust make every moment of teaching alive and real for the special child by incorporating a mix of proven methodologies, therapies, assessment techniques, support systems such as counselling and psychotherapy, medical services, remedial programs, advocacy for equal rights, full inclusion in society, independent living, self-determination and employment.

They have a team of dedicated, motivated and committed teaching staff, who aim to work with the child as the centre and in the best interest of the child’s needs.

Samatvam Trust has donated a sum of Rs 4 lakhs towards the activities of V-Excel Educational Trust.

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