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Equipping the Teacher

The Tamil Nadu Science Forum (TNSF) is a voluntary organization, (a registered society), committed to science popularization and education. Started in 1980 by a group of research scholars of Madras University, it functioned during the 1980s mainly as an organizer of popular science lectures. In 1987, with the starting of Thulir, a monthly children’s science magazine in Tamil, the group moved on to science communication among children.

The Total Literacy Campaigns started in Tamil Nadu in the year 1991, proved to be a turning point for TNSF. TNSF provided the lead in these campaigns by assisting the District Literacy Societies in planning the various aspects of the campaign. This experience brought TNSF into a meaningful relationship with the marginalized sections of the society.

Scientific temper and popularizing science are the two important goals of Tamil Nadu Science Forum. Currently, apart from the core area of science communication, TNSF is active in programs on Universal Education, Universal Health Care and Health Education campaigns, Women Self-Reliance, Environment Education, Adult Literacy, and Sustainable Development.

Tamil Nadu Science Forum has been working for more than 40 years in Tamil Nadu for science dissemination, scientific attitude and scientific activities.
In addition, it continues to work for educational development. TNSF has been continuously working on classroom environment, textbooks, academic performance of students and teacher performance.

Although Tamil Nadu has made great progress in the educational environment, there are still hurdles in acquiring the required skills. To change all these, the Tamil Nadu Science Forum is taking various measures. To transform learning into exciting, enriching experience, various types of training programs are being conducted. As part of this, 5000 people in 38 districts of Tamil Nadu will undergo a teacher training program. Training is to be imparted to 200 Resource Persons in the State. At the district level training will be given to at least 100 Resource Persons and in turn in each district they will train and create 5000 Resource Persons at 50 centres. Through them at least 5 lakh students across the state will be benefitted.

The training is being conducted with a focus on mathematics, science and language through activities, games and other innovative teaching techniques.
It is planned to take this activity across the state by providing training to the Thulir Illam, Illam Thedi Kalvi volunteers, teachers and STEM Resource Persons (Vanavill Thuthuvarkal). Activities are designed for the students of Class IV to VIII. A manual for trainees is also being prepared. Certificates are issued to trainees. Samatvam Trust has donated a sum of around Rs 7 lakhs towards this endeavour of Tamil Nadu Science Forum.

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