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Off to School – with the basics

How can each child be encouraged to attend school, with dignity?

For far too many children, some basics are hard to come by. Every child dreams of taking the first step to school with a brightly-coloured schoolbag slung on the back, with all the basics: notebooks covered with crisp brown paper with labels, a pencil box with pencils, ruler, eraser and sharpener, a water bottle and a lunchbox.

On January 19, 2021

Samatvam Trust came together with Deepalaya, an NGO working in Okhla Phase -I, Delhi, to provide these schooling essentials like a school bag with a lunch box, water bottle, drawing book along with a crayon set and 3 notebooks to each child.

And children need books!

The colourful and stimulating books brought out by Eklavya, the renowned educational pioneer organisation in Madhya Pradesh, greatly encourage the reading habit in Hindi-speaking areas. Eklavya has built up an extensive base of resource materials that includes educational literature, children’s literature, magazines, textbooks and other learning aids. The objective is to provide quality reading materials on various subjects, especially in science. Eklayva publishes about 30 new titles every year that include a wide range of books for early readers, activity materials, literature for and by children, educational classics, teachers’ manuals etc.

Samatvam Trust sourced more than 150 books from Eklavya and presented them to the Deepalaya Community Library