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Lead Kindly Light

Paschim Andha Aloke Samity was founded in 1961 by the visually challenged people of rural West Bengal with the mission of educating the visually challenged girls and boys from economically weaker backgrounds, so that they can live their lives with dignity.

They have established a primary school which provides education for visually challenged children upto Std IV and a vocational training centre at Kalyani, to provide various training and rehabilitation services to visually challenged adults.

Vocational training courses are conducted in chair weaving, mat weaving and door mat weaving using coconut threads. In 2014, training in incense stick making was introduced. Training in production of colour powder [abir/gulal] and mushroom cultivation are the other activities that they are engaged in. Training in computer skills [approved by Department of Rehabilitation, Government of India], is imparted to the visually challenged. The members also conduct social awareness programmes on educating the visually challenged people in different regions of West Bengal. The members of this organization provide assistance to the visually challenged in local areas by giving home teaching services.

Paschim Andha Aloke Samity provide residential facilities for the students of the school and the vocational centre and also to students who continue their education after Std IV in other institutions of the locality.

With time, social awareness developed and families from the rural areas showed interest in sending their daughters for education and vocational training. Since in poor households, education for the visually challenged usually begins at a higher age, the girls who came to the school were adults. It became necessary to provide hostels for the girls/women. They conceived of a plan to build a two-storey hostel with basic facilities for the girls/women. Presently the ground floor has been constructed. Raised guiding lines on the walls will be provided for directions and the feel of each raised line will be different to reach different areas of the building. The foundation of the building has been constructed to support a five-storey structure as the long term plan is to expand the facilities further and include more women. Each floor can accommodate 12-15 students and there will be one lavatory and one bathroom per floor. It is towards this venture that Samatvam Trust has contributed a sum of Rs. 8.5 lakhs.