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Pavement Pathashalas

In 2017, a small group of people joined together to collect old clothes and distribute food in railway stations. They collected old books and bought food packets and started a Sunday school on the platforms. They distributed new clothes for Durga puja that year. This was the start of what came to become Jajabor Foundation, as it is known today. The members started feeding children suffering from tuberculosis and nutrition related diseases. They started working in red light area, supported a village called Popai and sent them monthly rations.

Whether it was the Amphan cyclone or the Covid19 pandemic, the members of Jajabor Foundation tirelessly helped people. During the Covid 19 pandemic, the members took turn and worked round the clock to distribute free masks and create awareness among people. They delivered oxygen cylinders to the people who reached out to them for help. They started the unique mask ATM. They reached out to more than 4978 people and delivered medicines, rations and cooked meals. They even contacted doctors who guided people via calls.

Post Covid19, the members of Jajabor Foundation found that children were forced to sell vegetables in markets, work as home maids, and at tea stalls. Few were into drugs and others into local intoxicants. They started counselling them and started small Pathashalas (schools) on pavements. The program included fun learning through arts and crafts and dance. Sessions on self-defence were started. They started with 23 children and today 225 children from 17 villages have enrolled for their program.

Jajabor Foundation, has conceived a program to give these children technical and computer science education and teach them about hardware and software, Photoshop, Tally software and Microsoft Office, so that they can find a livelihood to secure their future. They also want to start craft classes to enhance the creative skills of these children. It is this endeavour of Jajabor Foundation that Samatvam Trust has supported by donating a sum of Rs 2.5 lakhs.